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The Facility Simon Lelic

The Facility

Simon Lelic

Published 2011
ISBN : 9780330522724
343 pages
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 About the Book 

Who are you? Are you the police? This isnt legal, you know. You cant hold me like this.In a near-future dystopian Britain, democracy has been undermined. Emboldened by new anti-terrorism laws, police start to “disappear” people from the streets for unspecified crimes. But when unassuming dentist Arthur Priestley is snatched and held prisoner at a top-secret facility, his estranged wife, Julia, and a brave but naive journalist named Tom Clarke embark on a harrowing quest for the truth. Following a trail that leads to the very top of government, they soon find themselves fighting for their lives. Well-crafted, fast-paced, and totally compelling, The Facility is a brilliant thriller that resonates eerily with the timbre of our times.