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The Book of Love Julie-Ann Blackmore

The Book of Love

Julie-Ann Blackmore

Published July 17th 2012
Kindle Edition
94 pages
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 About the Book 

This is designed to open the readers heart and mind to enable the internal conflict to stop and the compassion to begin.This is one of a collection of books which are a mixture of meditations, real life experiences, thought-provoking concepts, metaphors and future predictions to be used as personal guide books in finding balance within.Each book takes the reader on their own journey whilst traveling alongside Julie-Ann on hers as she discovers more about being a human being.As a psychic Julie-Ann uses her ability to see into the future to create a unique style of writing. The books appear to be written by a higher consciousness than the reader has, only it soon becomes apparent that the writer is simply a reflection of the woman Julie-Ann Blackmore was to become. A woman who would be balanced both spiritually and materially and become a future role model. In effect Julie-Ann wrote herself into her own future from her own future and ended up being her first reader and the writer.For more information about Julie-Ann and her other works, go to www.HowToBeYou.comFor more information about BlueWorks Ltd digital publishing go to www.BlueWorksLtd.com