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V8 Supercars: The Whole Story Stephen Sargeant

V8 Supercars: The Whole Story

Stephen Sargeant

Published August 1st 2011
ISBN : 9780670072897
352 pages
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 About the Book 

In 1997, Australias high-profile touring-car formula became V8 Supercars, and the Australian motor-racing landscape changed forever. In the years since, the V8 category, based on home-grown vehicles and Australias unique racetracks, has evolved from a local sport to an international spectacle dominated at this point by two manufacturers: Holden and Ford. Today, the series fields eighteen teams at each of the years fourteen rounds.V8 Supercars – The whole story is an exciting and detailed history of the sport so far. It chronicles the key players, race circuits in Australia and overseas, political controversies, loyalty debates, team-ownership disputes and on-track clashes, and asks some important questions about the future.Gordon Lomas worked for New Limited for twenty-six years and has seen the development of V8 Supercars since its inception. Dirk Klynsmiths photographs cover the entire history of V8s and add colour and immediacy to the story.Youll also find thirteen Fact Pages at the back of the book, detailing all aspects of V8 motor-racing, from driver training, fitness and gear to whats in the cockpit and what happens during a pit stop. These pages give a new insight into the category, with exclusive behind-the-scenes images from a number of premier V8 Supercar teams.