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THE DUCK-FOOTED HOUND James Arthur Kjelgaard


James Arthur Kjelgaard

Kindle Edition
131 pages
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 About the Book 

The Story About Animal Name The Duck-footed HoundAuthor By James Arthur Kjelgaard and Illustrated By Marc SimontOld Joe was the biggest, fightingest, craftiest coon in the Creeping Hills. No one had ever been able to catch him- not even Precious Sue, a bluetick hound peerless in tracking down coons.But Harky felt that this autumn the hunting would be different. Old Joe was in for trouble. Precious Sue had a pup who looked like a natural-born coon hunter. With his web-footed paws he was as skillful in the water as any coon. And on land, Duckfoot had a nose that beat every other hound hollow.Harky had a few troubles of his own. First there was school. Miss Cathby was nice, but she was a teacher. She called Old Joe a raccoon. And she said he could not live forever because he was mortal.Then there were girls. More specifically, there was Melinda—the bossiest, uppitiest young lady for miles around. And she wanted to hunt.Jim Kjelgaards story of people and hounds captures all the glory and excitement of coon hunting on a crisp autumn night. Marc Simont has illustrated the story with wit and brilliance.